I'm ready to give up.

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by dylan17, Aug 20, 2015.

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  1. dylan17

    dylan17 New Member

    ahh.. well where do i start? I'm horribly depressed. My girlfriend and I of 15 months broke up not even 2 months ago and shes already dating a new guy, and constantly intentionally hurting me. i love this girl more than i can explain. i literally did the cutest shit i could possibly do and it still wasnt good enough. i have so many family issues. i cant even tell you the last time my parents slept in the same bed, or we had a dinner together. i have horrible stomach issues that have made me miss so much school and i got so behind, and i get shit for it all the time. but i just laugh it off and hide everything with a smile. and im suicidal, extremely. ive attempted like 2 or 3 times.. and failed obviously. but im so ready to just be gone. ive typed a suicide note and left it in my phone for my family and friends hoping it would give them comfort for when im gone. but im just so tired of hurting. and im too tired to go into all the details of the shit im going through but i dont know.. i thought posting might help. maybe talking to people is what i need. but ive tried everthing honestly.
  2. Petal

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    Hi Dylan, I read your post and thought I would reply to say hello and that I hope joining here has brought you some relief and comfort knowing you are not alone here.
    Welcome :)
  3. Overit1988

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    I know it's tough, I'm in the same boat. It won't stop hurting until you branch out and stop speaking to your ex who is intentionally hurting you. Although it hurts, your parents issues are theirs not yours and as you get older you'll meet new girls and live your own life not under the same roof as your parents.
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