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  1. Mrsx

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    Okay, what I am about to declare may seem trifle to some, but it is an issue that's been stressing me out to no end. I'm in my mid-twenties and I still cannot drive. And, because of that, I have not left home yet. I have gotten my permit in May, and ever since I have been asking my mother to put me on the policy so I can practice (state policy) and get my license so I can finally live and feel like an adult. Problem is, my mother keeps giving me the run around. The first excuse over the summer was because I didn't call the driving schools. So, I called and went to a driving school in October and paid $145 out my own pocket to drive for 3 hours with a teacher, and he said I was good for somebody who has never drove before. But, now my mother has a new excuse...apparently she was so blitzed out of her mind that she said I needed my license to be on the policy and "forgot" I even had a permit. The fights always end up about the insurance costing more money. I do not understand why my mother wants me to fail in life, and won't help me grow up. Sometimes I wish she would have just aborted me so I wouldn't be such a loser to society and be a "problem" for my parents. I am thinking now that I am in my twenties she does not have to help me anymore, but I never got any help in my teens either. I am really tired of sitting in my room all day pacing around watching television or surfing the web. I want to go out and get a job, make friends, and go on dates. All this lonely, "free" time I have on my hands leaves me to think about ending it all. Every time I think about how I will always been a prisoner to my bedroom I cry myself silly. If anyone has any good suggestions for me, on how to do things myself, or what I should tell my mother, would be greatly appreciated. :sad:
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    You are in a difficult situation but several points - If you are not a dependent child (you are an adult) you do not need to be on her policy to drive 99% chance. Make a couple calls to check the exact law - but just like I can allow my adult daughter to drive my car without being on my policy I believe likely the same applies. That works to get the drivers license. It does not help with getting a car and insurance as if you are a primary driver of a vehicle you most definitely do need to be on the insurance and the insurance is ridiculously expensive - for an old car with just liability it will be over $1000 a year and full coverage is likely to be over $2000 a year - so getting a drivers license does not automatically make it possible to use that license. My daughters car payment is $207/month and her insurance is $220/month. In all fairness- If my daughters had not been working as waitress in high school to contribute to the insurance I would not have put them on my policy either. Is there no way you can compromise - help me get my license if I do not need to be on the policy and I will get a job to save money for my own car and insurance? Sometimes the the effort has to go in before we get what we want - if you want to have a car and license and freedom that includes it may involve working and saving for a while first.....

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    Oh hun it is hard call for a parent I myself did not put either of my children on my policy They had to work and get a vehicle of their own and get insurance on their own too. They did it hun so can you ok It take time and effort but in the end it is worth being independant .
  4. Mrsx

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    Thank you both for your constructive replies. It felt good to let my issue off my chest, and I think I have a bad case of cabin fever. NYJmpMaster, you opened my eyes to something I didn't realize before. Since I am of age I could get my own policy with my own money saved up. Although, it always boggled me that in order to pay for a car one must have a job, but in order to go to work one must have a car. I really wish becoming an adult came with a book; I feel like I'm in a tornado of new responsibilities I am not used to. I do not want to come off as a petty complainer, I just feel lost and yearn for guidance.
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