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i'm really thinking of doing it *trigger*

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FoReVeR LoSt

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alright, i know that i don't have the worse life in the world, but lately i have been having thoughts of dieing, killing myself, dreams of being somewhere else, not wanting to be here. I have a road trip planned, but i'm thinking of doing it when i got back. I hear so much about people overdosing and i want to do it!!!!!!!!! i want to take those 70 pills and drink that mickey of vodka and just end it, just have it over with. I don't tell my friends i want to do it, they dont care anymore, it's pointless. I know i should get help, but i just can't bring myself to do it, i'm scared, and just blah....... :unsure: :sad: :missing:


Hi feeling sorry for you at the moment, Your doing the right thing take the road trip it will give you time to think seriously about what makes you so sad you would end it all.

please please do not od, it never works (speacking from experience) I only know two people who managed it and I still think they were lucky or had genetic faults which allowed them to die from the amount they took. I have tried various methods, and drugs and I'm still here feeling worse for trying. Its better to tackle the issues bothering you than attempting.

Take care and think twice.


noooo hockeygal :cry: im your friend and i care..you are such a nice girl and youre going to get better and im sure your other friends care..theyll come back this summer and they love you..and think of your family and how hurt theyll be and me too i will be really sad :sad:
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