I'm ruffling a few feathers... at work..

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  1. meaningless-vessel

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    Yet through it all I'm getting praise from management.

    I know I won't associate with many of the staff outside of work, for their illegal substance use alone. But tonight I've just been given a further indication that they won't like me for how I work.

    Starting with their attitude to having a tidier and a lot cleaner workspace at the end of shift. Most of them are like 'oh but we have cleaners in for that'. My approach is different. The cleaners are part of the team, as without them it would be down to the staff to do their work anyway. I hate leaving a mess because of previous employment, I was effectively a cleaner, just more for a kitchen.

    I also have found out that the team of cleaners we have for a morning are running on 7 day weeks. Now I know they are only there for 3 hours, but they are entitled to one day off, if not two, and the rest of the team have 2 off most weeks. So if I can do my bit to help, I don't care that I'm ruffling feathers of colleagues, who palm off cleaning because someone else will do it. Thats not how I see a team work ethic. And I'm more likely to have senior backing because its above the standard effort that others show.

    Couple that with the attitude I got from a couple of staff about my decision to work that bit longer to do what is more beneficial all round, I get the feeling that I will work alone to make ME stand out from the tEaM (if you see what I did there), and the more I impress the bosses, the more chances ill get to develop and maybe grow within the place. Just have to develop a 'keep calm and composed when under pressure' mentality.

    Thoughts anyone?
  2. scaryforest

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    yes. work is about cooperation. and making things run smoother and easier for everybody...
    your plan should work in theory
  3. rtrt46546565

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    I think you're doing the right thing.
  4. meaningless-vessel

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    I hope so. Management backing gives me some satisfaction that I am doing something right.