I'm running out of patience..!!

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    I've been taught to honor my mother and father. I've been taught to do what they say, and respect them. They're supposed to guide me and help me learn to survive in the world. So, am I also supposed to respect their attitudes?!?!

    This is not a good time for me, I have well over 10-15 hours worth of homework, and the last thing I need is my mom to tell me I'm a "betrayer" and I'm practically not considered her child anymore. Well it happened anyway, and it's a "great" way to start my day off from school... AND WHAT DOES MY DAD DO? He just stays away and ignores the whole thing, even me! He walks pass me, and I could see in his eyes he looked very reluctant to comfort me at all. He probably agrees with my mom too that I'm not his child either!!! I'm so miserable with these people!! :bash:

    How am I supposed to be nice to you mother, when you told me I'm never going to pass my classes, rarely gave me any encouragement in the worst times, and simply don't care about my problems, and at the same time, still expect me to give you hugs and kisses every hour?! And what about you dad? You gave me advice in a lot of things, and we talked often together. that I appreciate very much. but when it comes to arguments between mom and I, then you just say nothing to help the situation and continue to watch t.v. or read newspapers! :thatsit:

    How the heck am I going to survive at least 1 more year with them??!! I'm losing my patience with them day by day! :blub:
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    You can still respect them because they are your parents but it doesnt mean that you have to listen to all the negative words and actions. Hun, buckle down and do the things in your life that you need to do for you. Like your studies. Do the best you possibly can and dont listen to what is said negatively about you. Put yourself into those studies and use them to block out the bad stuff. Maybe get involved in a hobby or extracurricular activity after school. Do things for you that will also help to take up some of the time you would ordinarily be spending at home. You wont be just "hanging out" and doing nothing productive but rather things to better yourself. In time I'm sure your mother would see that and a lot of the negative things will start to disappear. If not, then it's up to you to ignore them hun. Sounds like mom doenst know how to express her thoughts and feelings very well. And sounds like dad tries to stay out of it so that things dont get worse for you by him interferring. Just because of the way they behave doesnt mean that they dont love you. They just arent very good at expressing it. Good luck.