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I'm sad and totally lost

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lost soul

I have just found out that I have just lost my baby today, I was 14wks gone. This was going to be our last one :sad:
I feel extremly low and lost. I feel so sick. Have I killed it??? He , not sure what I want to say, was it the rape, I hate him, I hate me. I am so scared.
Why is it all happening to me?
I am sorry for putting it here, I just needed to say it, I darent tell anyone yet.

Thanks for listening


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Oh Hun, I am so so sorry.
Having suffered 5 miscarriages myself I know how painful it is to lose a baby.

Please don't start thinking it's anything you did, these things just happen.

Glad you posted, this should not be bottled up. PM me or post whenever you need to. Again, i am so sorry for your loss.
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