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I'm scared

So this will be a short thread i made a couple of posts explaining how my family hurts me in various ways (i dont want to say abusive just hurting me) im talking to one of my online school teachers about it and im scared he might tell my family or someone because if he does they might take me away and i'll have noone and i want family but they hurt me i know but its familiar and i dont want to be with a stranger just someone please at least send me a positive message?


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Delighted for you, please keep us updated on how it goes. You deserve to live a happier home life and not feel hurt by them. Wish the best for you *hug


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Our families are often the people who do us the most damage because they are the major influence on our lives when we are young. We don't choose them but just get born into them. I have always found more rewarding and healthy relationships with the friends I have made. Some of whom I met here on the forum. One of the great benefits of being here is that you can talk without fear of being judged or criticised . Hope things work out for you. Best wishes

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