I'm scared

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  1. ASkylitDrive

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    I'm not even sure how to take things anymore. I mean I want to be normal, I think I'm normal, but everyone is telling me something is wrong.
    My only best friend is moving to Houston, I broke up with my boyfriend of a year since he was getting way too physical and it was making me awkward. My mom puts me in dangerous situations whenever I visit her and my dad scares me.
    School sucks, I'm losing all my friends. I've had people say they hate me and I've been bullied and laughed at by complete strangers.
    Did I do something wrong? What did I do to anger all these people. Why do they mess with me or anyone else? What goes through their minds when they see us hurt? Cry?
    I'm slowly becoming weaker and I hate it. I use to be so happy, even in my rough childhood I use to smile for all my friends. I use to be the shield and sword protecting the ones I love. Now I can't even go out in public without breaking down.
    I have the urge to hurt myself all the time. I'm scaring my best friend. I have that feeling in the back of my throat to cry every second I'm awake. I just want it to go away.
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    I'm concerned that your Mom puts you in dangerous situations. How old are you and do you live with your Mom?

  3. total eclipse

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    Talk to someone okay tell a teacher a councillor your friend talk to someone
    call crisis line talk to them they will listen
    You need to cry okay call hospital and tell them what is going on
    Let it out if your mom is putting yu in dangerous situations tell authorities what is happening.
    Keep talking here okay You have done nothing wrong nothing
    You need some support so please call crisis line and talk to someone just talkokay don't be afraid they will talk to you and help you.
  4. ASkylitDrive

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    I live with my dad, but I have to visit her on weekends.
    I tried going to a counselor at school, but they jsut called my dad and he didn't think anything of it.
    I'm 16
  5. Unwilling

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    Wow, how surprisingly I relate to this. I used to be the picture of strength to people, even though I had a psychotic family. Only now are the cracks showing and multiplying. My mother was a religious zealot who wanted to help the homeless so much she would have her son out with a spiked club (I did medieval reenactment) evacuating homeless so they would not be killed by gang members. Mind you these were homeless with charges for them in other states for violent offenses and some were known sex offenders. Ah high school... Though I am now know as Spike to the homeless around here.

    That was just one instance of the idiotic things she has done. But, if they are so risky then perhaps it is a good idea not to see her on the weekends? I am not quite sure of the circumstances there. Why does your father scare you so much?
  6. ASkylitDrive

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    I have to see her because of court.
    and if I don't my mom will sue my dad for corrupting of a minor or something.
    My dad just gets angry alot.

    I'm sorry your mom did that