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I'm scared...

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You know... when you try and try to make your family happy and all you get is being yelled at and stuff in return.. it hurts. People tell me to be happy and smile, they tell me not to act all upset and sad. The thing is.. it's not an act. I'm not just being dramatic. Why won't you believe me? Why won't you stop paying attention to her and realize... you all treat me like crap. My own family. So yeah, i put on a fake smile and a fake facade... but it's getting harder and harder and i'm losing myself and you're losing me. But don't worry mom it's ok aslong as my sisters happy right? Well, i'm done. I'm already closing up. You know... it's funny... every test i've done... i've gotten extremely depressed.. thanks guys.. you guys are just the best family ever.. pfft.. i cant do this anymore. I'm up everynight 'til atleast 4am because i can't sleep and i can't stop crying. But then you tell me that i should go to bed early and not stay up so late. When are you gonna listen to me when i tell you i can't? When are you going to realize everything's not MY fault. I can't do this anymore. I just can't.

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You need to know family will not just get it okay they are in denial they don't want to see or hear your depressed YOU need to call the doctor and get on some medication so you feel better Call your doctor make appt and get the doctor to talk to your parent the doctor will prescribe you meds maybe and get you some therapy you need. You talk to a councillor at your school a teacher someone who will get your parents to wake up and get you help okay
You can call the doctor yourself hun and make that appt okay YOU be your best advocate here Your family just are ignorant to what depression looks like hugs
i have no way to get to doctors and i dont know the information. i dont really go even though i probably should since i think i really hurt my ribs. and can't talk to anyone at school since lasttime i got yelled at for it and schools out anyway.


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Check the resource links on this website and find the service that will give you the information you need. Are you due to see the doctor for any reason? If you can see a doctor you can tell the doctor about what you are experiencing.

There is a way to take care of this, it's a matter of finding it.

Keep posting here. We know what you are going through. If you state what country and area you are from there will probably be someone on the board here who can give you information on what you can do.
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