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im shaking right now


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I feel annoying posting here but I am literearly shaking while writing this. Not only do I already have one problem, this is the second BAD thing happening this week. Since I have spent a lot of time alone in my room, I haven't talked to my family.
I don't know how to say this, but my dad might have the corona virus. I.am.scared.to.death.
He got a fever sometime a day or two ago, although I didn't notce it since he didn't say anything about it. Fuck.
My family isn't sure but my father NEVER gets sick. He said that he cannot feel taste or smell anything.
He also has heart problems.That is the scariest part in all of this, I am PRAYING that he will recover from this fever soon. If anything happends to him I don't know what I will do. fuck fuckfuck fuck fuck
He is going to get tested asap and atm he is pretty much completely isolated in his room and has been since the first symptoms, but if he really has it, chances are high that my whole family including me has it. Im really fucking scared guys.
Im not worried about myself at all, but if something happends please pray for my dad yall i love him i dont want anything to happen
Even if he's got Covid, he's unlikely to die from it. I think even something like 92% of 80 year-olds recover from it. The fact that he's got a heart condition is more worrying, but the odds are probably still strongly in his favor.


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I can fully understand your concerns regarding your father. Anyone else in the same position would be feeling the same. Although age and existing long term conditions can possibly complicate matters, one thing in your dad's favour is that a lot more is known now about Covid than it was at the beginning of the year. By this I mean what treatments/support can be used which would be effective in managing this. Previously doctors were more or less scrabbling in the dark trying to discern what would help. But now, they do have more of a game plan.

Wishing you and your father the best.

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