i'm sick and tired

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    i'm sick of feeling low. I'm sick and tired of not being able to cry, i'm sick of looking at myself in the mirror and feeling ugly, i'm sick of remembering my past, i'm sick of holding back my urge to smoke or overdose on medicines all over again and i'm sick of feeling angry all the time. I'm so tired, i just want to cry but I can't, i want to feel good about myself. I don't know what to do, all i keep thinking of are endless possibilities of how my life could be or i think of whrthrr i should attempt suicide agaim. I'm so angry at myself, i wish i could help it
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    It is hard to get started on changing anything to try to make life better when you are so low. What type of things were you thinking of when considering how your life could be better?
  3. congruence

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    I just wish I could have undone things, and I wish I didn't let some people hurt me and make me feel like I'm nothing. I picture my life being an adventurous one.
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    I am sorry people harmed you hun and made you feel that way Dam them hun. YOu don't deserve to be treated that way no one does. YOU are special and someone and don't let those that harmed you win ok. You keep fighting we will be here for YOu ok You deserve understanding and compassion hugs
  5. congruence

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    thank you so much dear, you have no idea how much this means to me! Thank you!
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    You can't undo the past, but you can move on from it, even though it can be hard sometimes. We don't know when people will hurt us, or which ones will...sometimes it's those we least expect, so you can't beat yourself up about that. You are a valuable person and you should never let anyone make you feel inferior.
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    Yes you're right, i have stopped expecting people to be harmless around me. Honestly, my biggest problem is that I am always cranky, i'm always irritated or I keep feeling empty. I tried to make myself cry but it doesn't come out right. I have been working really hard to be happy but there are mornings i wake up feeling heavy and upset and there are nights i spend being upset. I have trouble accepting myself and it is hurting me. I keep trying to treat myself specially or do something nice or read a good book but at the end of the day i still feel like i'm not good enough for anyone in my life.