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    Since when I was just a little kid, I've always been with my grandfather. We always talk and spend some time together. This, obviously, isn't the problem.
    My grandfather has 9 sons alive, something about 40 grandsons and 4 or 5 great-grandsons. Of all these people, I'm the only one who spends much time with him. I'll not even get into facts like "I live next to him" or "I'm the one with plenty of time", because when my uncles/cousins come here they don't spend that time with him. They don't listen him, they don't care. I'm the one who has been doing this.
    And you know the worst? If I don't do something they expected, like just opening the damn door, they do it while they complain with me, saying that I'M NOT TAKING CARE OF HIM.
    Seriously? The people that hardly does something to him are trying to make me feel guilty for not doing a little thing? When actually I do what many of them don't? When I'm the one dealing with his cancer for many years? When I'm the one that is seeing, day by day, this old sir getting worst and worst? I'm almost telling these people to go fuck themselves. They know nothing about what I did and still doing, but yet they want to judge me.
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    Hugs to you hun for all your do for your grandfather He knows who cares for him hun and that is all that matters the other ones are not worth getting upset over hugs
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    don't know enough about your family dynamic to know if you can do this but if you can, next time they say something like that, ask them for the list of things that they've done lately