I'm sick of people!

Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by readingforev, Sep 16, 2012.

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  1. readingforev

    readingforev New Member

    I'm sick of everything always being taken away! Everything I love, every dream I ever have had, always gets smash! Yet no one believes me, they always are against me. ALWAYS. Always they tell me "Hey, be supportive of _____. Can't you see she is having a hard time?" CAN'T THEY SEE I'M FUCKING HAVING A HARD TIME? CAN'T THEY SEE I'M ONLY A TEENAGER WHO HAS A GOAL! I DON'T WANT TO BECOME NOTHING! I WANT TO GO TO CORNELL. I WANT TO BE THE GENIUS I AM, BUT NOPE, I HAVE TO BE BEATEN UNTIL MY BRAIN DOESN'T FUNCTION. I HAVE TO BE HATED. I HAVE TO BE PUT DOWN. I HAVE TO BE EVERYONE'S PARENT.

    I can't remember anything anymore my brain has become so scrambled. I can barely function.

    Fuck them all! I use to be the nicest most compassionate person you'd ever me, but I can only take so many years of misery. No one knows what it is like to sit alone for three years as a teenager in your room, and I mean literally alone. like you don't leave the house (not even for school) ever. It sucks. I watched a clock for hours. I got all my animals taken away. I'm done! In fact, I'm done being sad or submissive. Nope, I'm angry! I'm so damn angry! I want everyone to just die, especially me.

    In fact, my new plan in life is to get fat then die at age 18 - I'll tell my parents I am moving countries or whatever, go miles into a forest, then shoot myself. No one will know I am gone.
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    There's no doubt about it, my teenage years were tough. Maybe yours are too. But time heals wounds, especially when you're young. Can you think of a plan of action for yourself, other than sitting in isolation? Cornell, or whatever college or colleges you go to or don't go to, is a far away prospect. What about tomorrow? What can you do for yourself? Are there any sports or other games you can play with strangers or friends or even family members? Is there a nearby park or attraction that you can walk around? What about bike riding? I have to admit it is selfish of me to mention things that I would enjoy. But what do you enjoy doing? Even doing something that could seem like a menial task, like preparing food for yourself, might, for the time being, take your mind off of what's bothering you.
  3. Samara

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    I agree! *applause for this thread* Guk people! GUK EM!

    On a different note: even if your parents are oblivious to a lot, or hate your guts, or whatever the deal is.... they still will not "easily" just let you dart off to another country.... I know this from experience, that even when people can't stand me, when I say I want to get out and leave, they somehow have an issue with that too...

    Maybe getting out and actually leaving might be a better idea, and a better goal, that just involves you this time... than your other desire, to basically just cut yourself off from life itself.

    Those piece of shit humans who you encounter, unfortunately, though they make up a great majority of the experiences you might have in life, they still are not what life is... I know I struggle with what I just said too, even right now I am struggling with it...

    I feel suicidal too now. :(

    I feel like shit. :(

    Blah... but unfortunately I cannot act on those thoughts. Once, there was a person who cared about me, and asked me not to do that... so I eventually promised I would not.

    That for me is my little slice of heaven in life, I guess.... sometimes.

    On a final note, my post here has now become beyond stupid... I will just shutup now.
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