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I'm sick of this

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I'm sick of feeling like I have this huge weight on me.

Everyday there's another thing to dread.. awkwardness.. inability.. instability.. hatred.. pain.. sadness..

Day in and day out things rarely change when it comes to these feelings.

I just want it to stop :cry: I want it to end :sad: I want to be somebody else, be nothing at all... Cease to be completely. I hate me.
awww sweetie :sad: You shouldnt hate you, your a wonderful girl! everyone can see that apart from you. We cant all be wrong!

You know where i am if you need me xxxxxxxxxx
please don't even reply to this. You're kind heartfelt replies just make me hurt worse. I don't deserve you guys.

Jess I can't help but reply to this thread. You are loved by many people here and no matter what, we will not let you forget that. Get used to hearing the good things because there are many. I only hope you can start to believe in them soon. We are here for you hun. Always. :hug:


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Good question. Although sometimes a little of that "others love" can creep into one's heart and soul and help awaken a little self respect and love for oneself. That's what friends are for: to bolster one's flagging self respect/love, to pick up their friends when they've fallen, to talk sense to them until perhaps even just one word sinks in. Friends are the ultimate "self help".:smile:

To know that one's friends love you, no matter what, can often awaken a bit of love for one's self. My friends here have helped me out of the pit of despair many times by showing me their love for me. It helps. It helps me, anyway.:smile:

thank you all bunches for the replies.
This week is especially hard.. I don't want to admit it but I do need this :cry:

I wish I felt deserving.. I wish I felt worthwhile... I'm sorry

:sad: I'm sinking lower and lower.. I really don't think it's worth it guys..


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Aww Jess, I hate to see you in such pain. You are a wonderful, caring person. I wish you could see just how great you are. We care and love you here no matter what. I'm always here if you want to talk.
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