Im so angry right now....

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    Well, I think it was more about them thinking of her mental health.

    They said that, without a doubt that the shw causes a lot of stress and stuff, so they are prolly a but worried about her safety.
  3. xXxRNBxXx

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    Im more annoyed at the fact they feel they have the right to tell the whole world... i mean how much abuse will she prob attract now off people in the street afterwards??? If they cared they would have done it quietly and respected her safety and health.
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    I agree that publicising it is not smart or helpful for her and is not thinking of her mental health. However, she was at fault for not disclosing it, and they do need to try and protect her and themselves, and can understand why she may not be 'ok' to do the show. However, they could look to having something like giving her specific support all the way through and after, if she gets that far.

    So yes, I agree, publicising it was not great. I just hope whatever happens they do offer her support because being dumped is not going to make her feel overly good.
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    Exactly!!! I totally agree. I just hope shes strong enough to cope through this :( xxx
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    "We're only looking out for her best interests. We think fame may harm, so we're going to tell every that she has a mental illness. Surely that won't stress her out!"

    Fucking idiots.