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    today i was talking to a freind and a case worker , and we were talking about the earthquake and such , and we got onto the topic of the buildinng where most of my friends died in , im so fucken angry cos they had shifted there because there building wasnt safe to be in and the building that they shifted too , wasnt either it should have been comdemd and destroyed yet they let ppl stay in there and now there over 120 ppl dead in that fucken building , makes me so angry that we could have saved ppls lives if we had done things right the first time round :( i know im greifing and that anger is a part of the process but fuck i hate the hole situation i want someone to wake me up and it all just be a big nightmare that hasnt actually happened :(
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    I am sorry this has brought so much pain and anger back to you. It is hard to loose so many when as you said it could have been prevented. I am sorry you are suffering so
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    Oh Esther I am so sorry. So much loss and some could have been prevented. This would infuriate me as well. I am sorry you and your city are going this such destruction and devestation. I am here for you anytime you need to vent.

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    I'm so's a terrible tragedy for you to have to deal with..*hugs*