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Im so confused...

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Anonimous, Jan 1, 2016.

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  1. Anonimous

    Anonimous New Member

    I don't know what to do in life, I'm 13 my parents think i am a disappointment because my grades are awful i don't have time to be with my friends and i hate myself and the person i am.
    I am seriously considering suicide for that i don't see the point of living anymore.
    Please help me
  2. Leon2

    Leon2 Active Member

    Anonymous, please don't do anything silly, your obviously under a lot of pressure, parents always want there kids to do well in school get a good job etc, at 13 I'm not surprised you don't know what to do in life, must Adults don't know either, you don't say why you can't see your friends, I'm sure your a really nice person, your just giving yourself a very hard time, you can turn things around grade wise if that's what you want, but if you don't so what, when you leave school it's your life and you can do anything you wish. Phone or tex your friends keep in touch, tell them how you feel. Hope your going to be ok.
  3. True-Lee

    True-Lee Well-Known Member

    Aninimous, I am really sorry that you feel you should hurt yourself that way, I know how parents can be. I was 14 when I tried it the first time, I really don't want you to try it, Your parents are probably disappointed in your grades but really not in you! What is happening right now is you are dealing with depression, depression does strange things to your mind,it produces chemicals, these chemicals mess up your thinking it makes you sad and feel like you are all alone. I know this because I have suffered from depression just like you! I felt the same way that you feel Suicide is not the answer, I think that you are lucky you came here right now, I know that you are not on line in here right now, so I will leave this for you, so when you come back in here, you will understand and know that the people here care about you we have been where you are right now! We want to talk an share with you what we know and have learned by dealing with depression everyone here has dealt with it so we are familiar with it we know how it works and what it can do to your mind, I am asking you to hold on please do not hurt or try to harm yourself, things do and can get better, you can improve your grades this is not the end for you. We will try to help, we will work and talk with you to show you that life is not over, it can get better, you may need some help to do it but it still is possible to fix whatever seems to be broken now! We can and will help you, we will support you, we will be here for you! Please keep posting in here tell us what is going wrong, we will not contact anyone about you, this is a safe place for you! Please give us the time to talk to you and try to help!
    The people that are here, are here for You! Please Hold On!
  4. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    Hi and welcome to the forum. Is there a school counsellor that you can talk to? I hope you get the help you need. Even if you have let people down, don't let it define you. Keep talking to us here and we will try and support you the best we can. You can PM me anytime. 13 was a very hard year for me too, I'm 26 now and I got here in one piece. Keep talking :)
  5. Lightwarrior

    Lightwarrior SF Social Media

    Hello Anonimous, I am sorry You feel such way . When I was a teenager, I also used to have suicidal thoughts and what I learn is, the more You let yourself dwell in them, the more You will lose control and the more They will overpower You. Trust me, You don´t want that to happen, I know things may seem a lot hard for You now, I know You might be far from satisfied with your life right now but things will change. About your situation at school, if You can study harder, it will help a lot but if You already do and still are not getting very good results, continue studying but try letting go of the pressure, the pressure your parents might be putting on You and the pressure that You might be putting on yourself, I am not telling You not to worry about your studies but I am telling You to have in your heart this " I am studying hard to get good grades, if they are not coming now, eventualy they will come but if I pressure myself or let others pressure me, then no matter how I study, when it´s finally time to expose my knowledge, I fail ! It happens a lot, I am a college student and I know this for experience. Although You wanna please your parents with good grades, You should consider doing your best and not blaming yourself if the results aren´t so good right now, they will be if You persist but with calmness !!! I know it´s hard to be calm when parents are basically telling You that good grades is a must do and if You don´t, You lose this and that, well let them speak, they want the best for You and want You do to great in school but it´s not that easy but explaining to them isn´t so easy either, sometimes grown ups forget what it was like to be teenagers, what it was like to face subjects in school that don´t attract attention or are hard no matter how much studying we do. Try to study not to fulfill the obligations they might be setting upon You but to do your best with the knowedge You have and gain.

    Please, value your life and value yourself , hate is a very big word and a very big feeling , although You might make your mistakes and have your failures, You have qualities too and good things inside You, things which anyone would appreciate, You should appreciate too. Do not ignore your failures and mistakes but don´t look at them as reasons to put yourself down, look at them as opportunities to become better and to be more satisfied and in harmony with yourself because when You in harmony with yourself, then You have a bigger probability of making your general life better more satisfying and happy !!!

    Please think about it, hope my message will bring a light for You

    Take care and please do not let those suicidal thoughts overpower You
    Value Your life and yourself even if others don´t seem to do so
    You are important !!!
  6. Freya

    Freya Loves SF Staff Member ADMIN SF Author

    Hey Anonimous, welcome to SF. The pressure to do well at school can be exhausting, but not everyone is cut out for studying. I understand you feel like your parents are disappointed in you, but maybe they are just worried for your future and expressing it poorly? It might be worth having a conversation with them about how bad their response to your grades is making you feel. If you are honest with yourself, do you try as hard as you can to get good grades? If you do, then that has to be enough - because you can't do any more.

    Why don't you have time to see your friends?

    Keep talking to us, and stay safe *hug*
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