I'm so lonely

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  1. blacknblue

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    I'm so lonely and feel so low my head is full of suicidal ideation and I am unable to stop these thoughts. I have nowhere to turn, nowhere to go. If I speak to my psych it will just start the same cycle of hospitalisation, different medication, time off work, lies about how much better I am and then restarting the cycling again. I just can't do this anymore - I'm not strong enough - don't want to be. This isolation is slowly killing me and I feel the need to speed it up. Please help me to stop the pain, there is no-one to share it with and it is engulfing me until there will be nothing left but a giant mess of pain and loneliness
  2. na-taya

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    I'm sorry you feel so low and lonely blacknblue.

    I wish I had words to encourage you and words of wisdom but right now I don't. I totally understand what you mean by not being able to tell anyone. It's a lonely place to be.

    But know I will walk beside you in this darkest of times, not necessarily saying anything just there for support. I don't want you to be alone with all this pain you don't deserve it.

    Try and take care of yourself
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  3. silis

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    if you have anything you'd llike to talk about, or ANYTHING AT ALL to get off your chest, please send me a message. i'll listen, and try to help as best i can :)
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  4. Nath

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    Hi Blacknblue, I'm sorry that you are feeling isolated, but please don't - you have a whole community here with you. One that cares about you. We're here if you need to talk.
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  5. blacknblue

    blacknblue Well-Known Member

    Thank you all for bothering to reply. I'm not even sure I'm worth the time and effort you have put into your replies. I feel like nothing, insignificant, inconsequential lower than the lowest. The pain is unbearable my resources nil. How do you exist? Why would you exist?
  6. Flaxney

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    Have you tried joining a website for meeting up with individuals who share a mutual interest, such as meetup.com? Volunteer work might be a good idea as well, if you have transport and spare time.
  7. Nath

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    Blacknblue, we bother to reply because we do care - you are not nothing, not insignificant, not inconsequential. You matter and you are not alone here.
  8. Petal

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    YOU helped me 3 weeks ago, I would not have got the smear test done if it wasn't for you, it came back normal by the way :) I really hope things start to improve for you soon and please know you can pm me day or night, I am always here for you, you're a rare jewel <3
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