I'm so mad!!!

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  1. Wouldn't you fucking be if your apparent BEST FRIEND sent an email to your own BROTHER saying THIS;

    ''Hey, the first part was just for her. This is the real message I wanted to send that I'm not showing her. I have known her for quite awhile now and I completely understand you wanting to save her. I've been there and I realized there was nothing I could do for someone who had no interest in getting better. I have become quite convinced that she does have psychological problems but I take everything she says with a grain of salt. I think that she is a desperate attention seeker and compulsive liar with clinical depression. I don't think she's a bad person and I'm not even sure she knows that she lies. She has trouble understanding what she does and the ramifications, I can't really explain it well though. Like, I tried to explain how you're acting this way to help her and she geniunely seems to have trouble comprehending that. She has been "on the verge of suicide" for the entire two years that I have known her and I have seen no evidence that any of her attempts were real or that her family is really as terrible as she makes them out to be. As for her starving herself, I do not buy it because I think there would have been obvious indications by now. I'm not sure about her sleeping patterns but they are probably exaggerated greatly. Obviously I don't know any of this for sure but its just by my observations, and I thought you'd like to know and perhaps it will give you some relief. If you don't want to go insane from this girl my best advice is to focus less on trying to save her, you just can't, she doesn't want to help herself and she refuses to see things otherwise. She has to want to get better before she can be helped, just keep being there for her and keep lifting her spirits, I think thats just the only way to help her right now. She's really really smitten with you so maybe you really can help her.

    Take Care Man,

  2. LittleSparkles13

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    That is really bad. I am sorry.

    If you want to talk, i'm here.
  3. Smashed__

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    Sarah thats really F*cked up. :eek:hmy:

    How did you get this if it was sent to your brother, if I might inquire?

    If you ever want to talk i'm here, but you know that already. :hug:
  4. My brother forwarded it to me :/
  5. Ignored

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    Why would you be smitten with your brother!! :puke:
  6. considering everything else he has said is bullshit, id say hes bullshitting there
  7. DynamiteKid

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    if u need sum1 to talk to Sycotic, im here like. honestly. Ur best mate shudnt b saying sh!t behind ur back like tha, but thats how she rolls i guess. Be safe.
  8. savetoniqht

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    Wow. Holy shit you have every right in the world to want to want to kill him right now. I mean not saying you should, just saying you have the right to THINK it. I'd be pissed off beyond hell. :dry: I'm sorry. :sad: :hug:
  9. Fishman

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    This is the real message I wanted to send that I'm showing her.

    Its how you see yourself thats important and some people are just assholes.