IM so messed up about this....

Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by Peanut, Jan 2, 2007.

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  1. Peanut

    Peanut New Member

    I started working around the start of summer and....about at the end of the summer i went to a work party....i made out with a chick i worked with and deeply just fell in love. Now its january and we went on one date between then and we had alot of fun...but im so fucking in love it makes me sick. i never been in a relationship and i dont no how to deal with even this confusion..we see each other 3 times a week at work but other than that we dont do anything...she doesnt date anyone else currently so i dont no where i stand... i figure i need to shake her off cuz ill only get hurt but its so hard...what should i do...
  2. Terry

    Terry Antiquities Friend Staff Alumni

    How about actually asking her out and courting her?
    You never know, this could be the one.
  3. MrDepressed

    MrDepressed Guest

    I agree with Devastated.. take the risk, it may pay off for you..
  4. Style

    Style Well-Known Member

    i have to agree, it's the logical next step.
  5. AndyJP

    AndyJP Active Member

    Good luck, we're all behind you. :thumbup:
  6. TG123

    TG123 Well-Known Member

    Best of luck with that. I hope it works for you but if it doesn't don't let it destroy you either. I was in a very similar situation a few months ago and things did not work out and this with a bunch of other smaller stuff made me get very depressed and almost kill myself a few weeks ago. The counsel of my other friends and prayer to God and remembering that He is there and He is in charge no matter what happens saved my life.

    Go for it and good luck, but just remember that regardless of what happens He is there for you and His will always will be done. Remember to keep Him #1 in your life, that way no matter what happens things will always be fine.

    Don't mess up like I did, bro. Keeping you in my prayers. :biggrin:

    Cristo Vive!
    - Tomasz
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