im so miserable

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    someone on another site, offered some advice along the lines of, "do you wish you were dead, or do you wish you didnt have problems?" something like that. it made people all happy that they really didnt want suicide, they were just stressed or something about an issue and felt overwhelmed. everyone was happy, like it helped. it didnt help me...


    im so down... even if i got what im wanting, i dont think it would be enough to make me better. im just so sick of life. its bad enough just surviving. being lonely. being worthless. but just life. im sick of men and women. having to eat. getting older, being young. experience, and learning. everything is fucked up. i hate this. it just doesnt work for me. its like im suppose to suffer.
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    Your brain is --- up it is not working properly It sounds like full blown depression and yes it is treatable. Are you on medication to help change your distorted thinking meds with talk therapy will help you gain control back to your life. Call your doctor GP even and see what can order to get you back on track again take care jst do it time to stop the pain
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    Hiya :) I agree with Violet's post! You need to seek professional help to give you an extra boost. You don't have to suffer alone :hug:
    Keep talking if it helps x
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    ive been to therapy. medication makes me paranoid. i cant even do drugs or drink on my own, because they make me paranoid. ive yet to ever, be drunk. i just cant make it that far. ive been to a counselor, and a therapist, and then saw a psychiatrist. none of them helped. i feel even more pathetic having to pay someone to care... i really tried with the therapist too. like almost a year, of sessions.
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    Even though you have tried please don't stop trying.
    You have to feel comfortable with your therapist to be able to open up and for it to help, would you consider giving it another go?
    As for the medication, the same goes..there's many different medications that can help, you could tell your doctor to prescribe something else? good luck