I'm so scared for my life

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  1. My mother broke up with her boyfriend and moved in with us. Well, he called her and made arrangements to come pick her up. I got home from town as soon as he had gotten there and him and Mama were talking on the porch. Mark told me to get the taser out of my car and keep it with me in case he did anything. I walked inside and my Aunt Tiollie and Uncle Herbert were in the den talking to MawMaw and PawPaw. Uncle Herbert is on an air tank cause he has lung cancer, so he's in the worst shape out of all of us. I went back to my room and she came back there telling me that she was going with him. I told her she didn't need to cause he would keep, doing the same thing to her over and over again. She said, "I just don't know what to do..." I told her I would go out there and tell him he needs to leave and she kept saying he was going to hurt me if I did. I didn't care and went out there anyway. I told him he needed to leave and he started yelling at me and I said, "James, you just need to leave. Please." And I went to shut the door and he shoved me into the freezer right inside the door and stormed up in my house and started yelling and raising hell. My grandfather got up there and I went and called the cops. When I got off the phone with the cops I went back and told James to get out of our house, that he was trespassing on our property and we could shoot and kill him now that they passed that law stating that if someone is on your property and you perceive them as a threat, you can kill them as long as they are on your property. He kept yelling and screaming, "Then fucking kill me!" MawMaw hit him with the phone and he hit her back with it, gashing her arm open. And I eventually got him out of the door. My grandparents kept trying to get to him but I kept putting them behind me cause if he were to hit me, it would be a lot less worse than if he hit them cause they both have pacemakers and wouldn't be able to take a hit without tearing those leaves out of their hearts.

    Eventually he left before the cops got there. I got the tag number, but they were already out of the state because living in rural Mississippi, it takes a while for the cops to arrive.

    Now I'm so scared that he'll come back and break into our house and hurt my grandparents. That he'll take my mom. He'll try to kill me. I know he will.

    I had that taser in my hand the entire time and I didn't use it. I could have prevented my grandmother from getting hurt, but I didn't. It's all my fault. It's all my fault. It's all my fault. My fault.. My fault... Mine...

    I'm so scared..
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    sweety its not ur fault ur grandma got hurt..i come from an abusive home and so does alot of the ppl i know.....it took me along time to relieze that my mom is an adult and even though i dont want her to get hurt shes ganna do what shes ganna do and no matter what i cant stop her....sweet heart i belive ur just a kid......have u put a restraining order on him...call the cops and made reports....next time u see him call the cops the minuet he pulls up that way they might have more time to get there......does ur mom know there is help out there for these kindve stuff......dont be scraed sweety just think if he wanted to kill u he probarly already have....not trying to scare u or make ur feelings not worth ne thing.......next time if u have to use that taser right in his balls..bet he'll never come back around..he'll be on the ground long enough to have the cops come.....please email me...ill be here to help you all that i can
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    Xxx please don't blame yourself I think you done wonderfully well you got the scum shit scared so that he left.next time be prepared if you feel angered enough and have that Taser ready and don't be afraid to use it,call the cops if you have to and tell them don't be afraid of him just don't.That's a good law they've passed here unlike here,if a thief comes onto your property and hurts themselves apparently they can sue you.
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    A court injunction would be a really good move here!! What a swine :mad:
    Glad you are all ok and hun..NO WAY IS THIS YOUR FAULT :hug: :hug: :hug:
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