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I'm so scared.

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I went to talk to a person for SSI disability, and he said that my previous diagnoses don't matter. He is going to try and determine my real diagnosis. What if I don't have anything? What if I have PTSD? What if I have Borderline Personality Disorder? People will hate me if I have Borderline Personality Disorder. Even professional psychiatrists and psychologists. I will never be able to love anyone... ever. What if he says I made everything up, and I'm a big liar. Then I won't get any money to use for therapy and medicines.


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:console: i understand why your scared. alot of people are and doubt that they have even have anything or if theyre just exagerating, i do to.
but be completely honest so you wont be misdiagnosed out of fear they will tell you dont not have a problem.
and if you have BPD, you have it. at least then you can learn coping skills. :smile:
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