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I'm so sick of it all.

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I'm sick of the depression. Its this ominous, thick cloud that chokes the life out of me. I feel like I have no air to breathe; I'm drowning in this sea called life. I reach out, but I slip out of their grasp. And I'm falling, falling fast, falling far. I want to cry, but I can't. It's like I'm numb. Can I ever be saved? I don't think so...


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Many of us have experienced what you described...what are you doing to help yourself? Therapy? Pdoc? etc. I hope you know that you deserve to feel well and I hope you are working towards that


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I'm sorry you feel this way, I, like many of us, understand this feeling well. I echo Sadeyes thoughts.. are you seeing someone? A therapist, pdoc, a 'normal' doctor? Have you talked to anyone about this, a friend or family member? And have you considered medication if you aren't on any already? If you are on medication, an adjustment may need to be made. You don't need to suffer alone, and I think things can get better. Keep reaching out, no matter how times you fall, when you reach out, you still have that instinct to survive



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Yeah depression is foul, I can relate to the experiences you describe, hope you find something that makes you feel better.


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Yes you can be saved from depression. Are you a bible reader? At Isaiah 33:24 it says"no resident will say I am sick." And depression is a sickness so this is something that in the near future god will get rid of. I hope this gives you comfort and hope!
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