I'm so sick of it all

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I'm sick of being bullied, fucking things up even when I don't mean to, I accidentally knocked over this professor's open wather bottle on their table on the way to my desk with my bookbag and now I'm facing serious consequences, they're getting some board involve, I don't know what. Lots of other shit has happened to but do the mental health care system where I live care? NO!!! They don't give a fuck, I already tried them today as a last resort and left within ten minutes since they said they couldn't handle any more, they already had three people ahead of me and I'm fucking suicidal and this mental health hospital is supposed to be a 24 hours a day, 7 day a week hospital! WTF!!! Anyway I got a plan and hopefully it will work, I've been ullied since I was 9 and never had anyone do anything about it despite rporting it. I'm finished. If there is a such thing as god let me die so I won't have to endure this hell anymore! I AM SICK OF IT!!!! I don't know WHAT I did to deserve this! If the people on this board knew HALF of the shit that's been going on since about 1999 they would say oh my god. Because this is ridiculous!!!! I tried dealing with it in "peaceful" ways and getting help, but none of that worked, so now, I'm done, I'm through. It's all over for me hopefully. Please don't let me wake up tonight.
Hun, are you still about??? o please be ok!?!?!?!?
I know how you feel about the system not doing their jobs, not helping you properly and how much more that can drive you to suicide i really really do, i lost my sister to it two years ago and the sysytem trweats me like utter shit .
im here for you you can email me anytime, i hope you awaken!


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In high school, I was tormented by this guy, Burt, who tried to make my life a living hell...fast forward three years after, and I was working as a ground stew, welcoming people to New York and getting them on their planes...he came up to the counter, and it was clear he did not recognize me (lost 50 pounds, dyed hair, etc.), and he was going to Chicago...but not his luggage...it went to Maine, with no ID tags...I know I should not have enjoyed it as much as I did, but I must admit, I did get rid of a lot of baggage that day...things do turn around...and if they are bullying you, remember, Burt and his vacation without his possessions!
I'm in University and apparently when I knocked over the professor's water bottle it damaged some electrical equipment. I don't know what that will entail. I could bexpelled from University or something. I am soooooooooo stressed out over this.
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