I'm so sick of you!

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    You take the wind out of me with your painful words! How is this acceptable?! How can you just pretend that everything you say doesn't hurt, and doesn't mean anything?!

    Even though you are a friend, one I once considrered my best, you constantly insult me! I find myself fighting everyday wityh myself. "Should I tell him to fuck off and never speak to me again? Or will he change?!" I continue to believe that one day, you'll change. And maybe you'll see that we're supposed to be on the same team, damnit! Stop fighting me and fight the bastards who think you're nothing!

    I know what happened! I fell in love with you. And then everything changed! I'm so sick of people with lack of conviction! You all make me scream until my lips are chapped!

    Eventually, "J", I hope you realize, you'll be the death of me.
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    Hey there, I hope it helped to rant. How are things between you and your friend now? Perhaps if you spoke to them and expressed how hurt you are it will be a slap in the face and they'll realise it. I can understand where you're coming from, and I do hope it's sorted soon for both of your sakes. :hug:
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    sorry i have nothing more to offer you

    f*** the ones that hurt us