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I'm so sorry

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There is so much pain, and suffering, and hurt, and desperation, and anguish, and sadness on these boards. I just wish I could take it all away from all of you.

It's completly not fair, so many of you are so nice, and none of you deserve this crappy hand that you've been delt, many of us are sick and the treatments for that sickness are hit and miss and experimental at best, half the time doctors don't have a clue what they're doing, often they don't even seem to care. We're treated like we're second class citizens just because our disability isn't visible, and if you cut yourself or hurt yourself just to try and get a release, then it must be your fault and your choice that you're doing this to yourself and that you just need to change your attitude, and when we finally see no alternative and we attempt suicide, it was obviously just to get attention. it's wrong! the whole worlds attitude towards us is wrong, it's prejudice, uneducated and sometimes hateful.

Why is everyone so reluctant to try and help us? We're self destructive through no fault of our own and everyone else just seems to want to help along the process, it seems sometimes like we're not the only ones who think we should die, of course you challenge someone of that and they'll say of course not, we want you to live and get well, but by doing nothing all they are doing is signing your death certificate.

Our own friends and families won't accept or don't understand our illness, the amount of parents who refuse to get their kids treament because they think it is "just a phase" ... well if your son was going through a broken arm "phase" wouldn't you treat that?

And to those of you who've been abused, i'm just not sure what to say, the things that human beings can do to each other, scares me, that alone is enough to make me want to pack it in. You never, never did anything to deserve what happened to you, it was completly 100% unjust, inexcusable, you must never blame yourselves.

I'm am truely, deeply, sorry for all of you, and though I doubt my words will bring much comfort, heed them all the same.

We owe it to ourselves to fight! Fight the injustice, fight the prejudice, fight the malice and the hate. Fight those uneducated fools who see us as "lazy" or "emo" and tell us to "get over ourselves". We deserve a life of happiness and we shouldn't rest until we get it.

and even if in the end we fail, let us hope that our experiences will help to develop better treatments, for those that come after us, that one day, this dreadful disease can be stomped out completly.


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Thanks for your lovely words.. i can tell they were written with a lot of thought and genuineness.

I feel sad too that there is so much sadness and despair on the forum.. it's sad to know that such wonderful people are going through so much. But on the other hand, it's good that such a forum exists.. as many don't have any other outlet for their pain.

We do owe it to ourselves to fight.. I hope that we can all fight together, and when someone does not have the energy or will to fight for themselves, those on the forum who feel able, can fight for them.

Thanks for sharing this post with us.. and remember, you deserve to fight too! :rockon:

Jenny x


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:hug: Thank you for your kind words, i know they came from a kind person and like Jenny said; you deserve to fight too!

Take care hun _%
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