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im so sorry......

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ive been looking back at all the old saved messages and posts, i never realized i was that mean...i was hurting and thats all i cared about. im so very sorry, i knew i felt sick tonight i just didnt know why....now i do. Suzy u can hate me now until eternity altho i do not remember why, u have every right to and so does everyone else on this site. im a fat, ugly good for nothing bitch. i tried coming out of my shell but i realized all i do is hurt people so this will be my last poet on the regular forum....go back to my journal and that will be it. I cant even say whats running thru my head...tears that will never reach the surface, pain ill never let myself feel. and when the day comes that i am no longer breathing everyone can celebrate and finally be fucking happy...


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Broken I don't know what you mean because I've never noticed any of your posts being mean
you are being very hard on yourself and I'm sure it's not deserved
please keep reaching out for support
this is what the forum's about and we don't judge you

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