I'm sorry I'm not sorry..

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  1. cordial1

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    You're right, there are a couple things I'm not sorry for..

    I'm not sorry that I care.
    I'm not sorry that I worry.
    I'm not sorry that I'm here for you.
    I'm not sorry that I have gotten to know you.
    I'm not sorry that you're going to leave an impact on my life whether you wanted to or not.

    But there are a few things that I am most definitely sorry about..

    I'm sorry I couldn't do more.
    I'm sorry I cant physically be there for you.
    I'm sorry that I feel like I've failed you.
    I'm sorry you feel like there is nothing left for you.
    I'm sorry that you feel this way.
    I'm sorry I will never give up on you.

    I love you dearly little one.
    Just know that if you were to ever read this.
    You're a very special person.
    Not just to me, remember that.
  2. Speedy

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    I want to let you know how impressed I am about how superb of a friend you're being for a certain other. I wonder if you are fully aware of your remarkable selflessness. :hug:
  3. Why Am I Here

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    You missed the fucking point, Chelsie.