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I'm sorry... ok?

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Look, I really mean it. You seem like a nice person and all... but I dont know if I could ever actually trust someone that used to hit his first wife. I dont think I'll ever say this to your face, but here you have it.

You say you've learnt from it. I guess I have to believe you. And its not as if you're living with us - you're a family friend who's visiting. You seem nice enough. But then again I've kinda figured that you dont trust people. :unsure:

You are a wise person TDM. I am here if you need to talk to someone about this. Take care hun. :hug:
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Sorry to steal the thread for a minute Deaf....but Gentle are you ok? Only your typing has gone all over the place.
TDM :hug:

Gentle :hug:

I hope it's helped to get it out hun :)
And Gentle - you take care hun :) - y'know where I am if you ever need to talk :)
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