I'm sorry Shinitai

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    I'm so sorry. Sorry that i've caused you any hurt, i didn't mean to. I know you just wanted to be friends..But noone i knew approved of the comments between us.
    There was an age gap of 10 years and we barely knew each other, and my close friends were concerned for me because of the comments. They've advised me to cut contact, and i feel as though i have to listen to them. They know what is best for me, and they were only looking out for me.
    Please do not do anything to harm yourself because of me, your heart is in the right place. I know that you feel bad because you've scared so many people in your life away, but thats not your fault.
    You deserve a happy life and i know I made you happy..But i can no longer do that. Remember the memories between us (There wasn't many seeing as we've only been talking for a short while) And smile, dont let this get you down.
    Please, look after yourself, and once again I am so sorry.
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    I'm always the villain and I'm never allowed to have friends. If I'm dead everyone can just relax and anyone who would have known me won't have to deal with this.