I'm sorry to you all

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  1. Itsme:)

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    This forum isn't for the stupid friend who can't help who needs your help for something you're trying to deal with yourself.
    I just don't know what else to do
    I don't know anymore
    I don't know where to go for advise and help other than the internets SHITTY advice that "she needs to get to a hospital now" YES. NO SHIT!
    Do the dipshits out there thing that i don't know that!?
    I can't talk to anyone because its breaking her confidence
    This is the first time in years i've felt I can't deal with someone elses feelings
    I can't help her, I can't stop her
    She won't let me
    She is slowly killing herself
    Her body won't take much more
    A good friend would tell her family
    The one person i truely love is dying, and its my fault
    Oh and i can't stop crying.
    I can't tell her because then she will stop telling me things
    I've told her how worried I am and within a min she has shut me out.
    I deserve to lose her.
  2. Waterfall55

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    Sorry - my post was stupid - I should have read your other threads first. My apologies
  3. lurktheshadows

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    you don't deserve to lose her, nor are you responsible for anyone's life other than your own

    I understand how painful it is to lose someone you love <3
    and the unbearable lack of control you have
    ..I don't fully understand what's going on with your friend
    but if you need advice on anything specifically I'll try to help...just PM me..anytime

    I also need to tell you that...although telling her family may make her stop confiding in you IT'S WORTH IT, if it saves her life, it's worth it
    tell her you're going to beforehand, tell her you love her and you're very very worried..then tell her you're going to get her help if she's not going to help herself

    I wish..when I was at my worst points I had a friend that would have done that for me
    that was willing to sacrifice our friendship for my life
    and... I didn't, and I almost died
    I wish you the best
  4. the_only_one

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    go get help for her. i know its redundant, but do it. i also am slowly killing myself, and my friends are all trying to help me, but i turn it down. i dont know why, but i do. but really, thats all i want in life is to get better i just dont know what the hell to do
  5. total eclipse

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    Time to stop thinking about you here time to start thinking about your loved one and call and tell her parents she needs help.
    who care if she gets mad who cares she will be alive right so do it call and get her help for god sake rather her mad then dead
    Pick up the dam phone and phone crisis phone her parents but do something don't just sit there and let her die
    sorry if this seems harsh but it is not I amthinking about your friend who you need to get help for just do it then deal with the fall out later.