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    I don't think I can do this any longer... After reading my thread I just posted made me think wtf, who am I kidding? I'm not gunna get away and I won't be forgiven for what I am or who I am I'm so sorry for everything but I can't cope with this anymore I can't cope with this place this country this family this wedding this all is killing me I don't want to live my life doing nothing at all but constantly thinking of when it's gunna end I can't do it anymore I don't want to be hurt anymore I'm done with letting ppl hurt me and control me please forgive me I'm sorry it's right what they say I am a misfit not only to Pakistan but to this world to this site to everything I'm not meant to be here right? Its about time I done something that I want to do and I don't want to be here anymore this is the only thing I don't Hare control on this is the only thing they can't stop me from doing, they took everything from me now it's my turn to take me away from there I hope they enjoy the shame
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    What you have Akalee is is anger at a lack of control and fear of an uncertain future. I am not saying at all it is not unjustified - it obviously is fully. Also it is not different in term s of feelings you are experiencing of many people your age being thrust into adulthood and scared of what that will bring. Control the things you can of the situation, and do not assume or make presumptions of a terrible future and life based on fear and not knowing. I can certainly understand distasteful in some ways and I can for certain agree it is not in keeping with my ideas of free choice - but it is in fact reality for literally 100's of millions of people. I am not implying in the least to simply accept it without thought or protest - but try to do so with objectivity as opposed to fear. The absolute refusal to consider and give up without having tried fully is selling yourself short- you are of much better character than that and much stronger than that.

    Take Care and Be Safe