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I'm sorry

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They call me a bitch, they call me a slut
I'm sorry, for not being able to deny it
You're to good for me, I'm to bad for you
I'm sorry, for not being perfect
You're to beautifull, I'm to ugly
I'm sorry, for not being able to change
You made me smile, you me me sad
I'm sorry, that you're the one who made me feel alive
I dont deserve you, you deserve the best
I'm sorry, for not being that
I played with your feelings, I played with your heart
I'm sorry, for loving you
I dont want to trigger you, I dont want to hurt you
I'm sorry, for making everything worser
I'm not who you think I am, I will be dissapointing
I'm sorry, for being me

I'm sorry for what I have done
I'm sorry for what I will do

I will do something, I would have done months ago
I will leave you, I will leave everyone
I will stop annoying you, I will stop being a burden
I will leave SF, I will stop with chatting
I will dump everyone, I will never meet someone else
I will stop hurting people, I will stop loving people
I deserve to be alone, I deserve to feel like this
I wish I was someone else, I wish I could thing else
But I cant, I'm sorry I cant, thats why I will let you al go


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:no: :no: :no:

Please dont do this :cry:. I dont know what Im going to do without you, youve been so supportive of me, sent text messages when ive been really bad, replied to my posts always, youve been an incredible friend....I dont think I can go on without you, I really dont. I love you, I want to be there for you always.

Im going to worry about you so fucking much, if you isolate yourself like this your probably going to get worse again, self harming will get worse. I cant do this, I just cant let you go out of my life. Please reconsider, please, im begging you to reconsider.

I cant keep up this fight without you, its too hard, its too much.

Please you cant do this, PLEASE!

:cry2: :cry2: :cry2: :cry2: :cry2: :cry2:
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