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I'm sorry


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To whomever reads this (if anyone)

I'm sorry for all the time you wasted on me while I was here.

I realised recently that I'm too cowardly and pathetic to actually do anything real. I may think about suicide - plan it - even practised it sometimes - but I'll never have the strength of will to go through with it. The same goes for self-harm. I'll scratch and hit myself but I don't do anything to actually harm me. Nothing that can be seen or noticed. Nothing that will give me away.

I'm pathetic.

I don't deserve to be on a place like this full of people who need help. Who need a sympathetic and understanding ear. A shoulder to cry on. Someone that understands.

I can't help anyone. I don't have any special insights. I have nothing to give.

Once again. I'm sorry.
You don't need to apologize for anything. I've seen you around, and I think you are insightful and helpful to people :) You do deserve to be here as much as anyone else, you are no less than anyone else, despite what your mind might be thinking.

You're not pathetic, being able to harm yourself in a certain way doesn't make you stronger or more valid than not being able to, but you dont deserve that anyway ♥



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Hey @Wispiwill for the record I don't think you're as pathetic as you make out. Others here do have pain but this isn't a ranking system, we don't rank who has it worse than the other person. Everyone deserves to that have sympathetic and understanding ear, especially here.

Please don't say sorry for how you feel, they're not great to be feeling but there's no need to say sorry.

You're not a waste of time, at all. Talk to us? What's going on?
@Wispiwill don’t feel sorry. We are all here for each other. It takes a strong person to not hurt themselves and go to a place like this for support.
You are needed and loved.
Just you posting here has given me something to do and think about. That’s more useful than you may realize. Hugs


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No reason at all to feel sorry, share and find your place among friends here who are like minded and that is why we are here.

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