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    Im sorry for being so clingy or what ever, im sorry for ranting all the time, i just dont know where to go anymore. Ive given up going to people. so its up to you whether you reply or not

    i saw the CPN for the first and last time on april 8th. ive heard nothing back from her since, but instead had social services on my case... what do i do??

    inside i feel numb, scared, confused, alone, i just wanna cry all the time. ive lost the majority of my friends and have hardly anyone to talk to. i try text friends but, most of the time i get no reply. finding friends who truly understand whats going on in my head and wont try stopping me from cutting is hard... and the pressure is getting to me.. :cry: i need someone... i need help...

    my new bf is now living with me and my mum, its putting a lot of strain on me as he makes me eat, he makes me talk when i dont want to and ive been in more tears this week than i care to remember.

    one thing is he takes care of emma and i barely leave my room

    i dont know what to do. i hate my dr and i know nothing is ever gonna change, thats why ive stopped taking my meds too.. iim so messed up i want to cut so much, i wanna just walk out and walk, just walk until i can go no further i just want this pain to stop.. i want help, i want be who i used to be is that too much to ask????? :cry2:

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    You don't have to apologize for ranting. Can you find a new doctor? You may want to rethink coming of your meds.
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    Hey Tonie,
    I made you mad at me.. But I am still here to be your friend if you want it..I'm usually only on the forum in the mornings..If you want to talk you can reach me then or email me, it's in my profile..I have my mail pulled up all day..I'm sorry for making you mad...I wasn't in a very good frame of mind back then either..Take care!!
  4. ~Tosh~

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    :cry2: im the one who is screwing everyhing up with everyone, im pushing everyone away, and i doubt a new dr will change anything
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    finding a new doctor may not work but its just as likely to work.maybe you should give it a try...It may end up doing wonders for you. and new meds as well. I know you've been having it tough lately and I just wanted to let you know that I'm always here for you if you want. I would very much like to repair our friendship that we once had.
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    Sorry that you're having such a hard time right now. But you have some positives. Can you be honest with your b.f. and maybe tell him to back off a bit without him becoming angry with you? All those around you need to know how you're feeling right now.

    Your biggest positive is the nature of the SF forums and the people you can meet here for support.

    I don't know the nature of the therapy system in the UK as I'm from the U.S, but I'm willing to listen and try and help.

    If you want to PM me feel free to do so. WE CARE!
  7. ~Tosh~

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    i was thinking of actually making an appointment to see a different GP or the one who im supposed to see but dont, the one i wrote to telling him i felt suicidal and scared actually listened to the words written ont he paper and he referred me as an urgent case to the mental health team, maybe he can help again?? :cry2: