I'm Sorry

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  1. Synesthetic Soul

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    I'm sorry for hurting you and making you feel insecure about us. I'm sorry I made you go away. I'm sorry you feel that you can't be with me. I'm sorry for making you feel guilty (if I am) or bad. I'm sorry if this ruins your day. I'm sorry I can't be strong enough. I'm sorry I can't even send this letter, I don't want to hurt you anymore. I'm sorry that this is whole thing fell apart. I'm sorry that you love me. I wish I could take it all back, make it go away. I wish I could heal your heart. I love you more than anyone else and I'm sorry for not making you feel loved. I wish you could forgive me, forgive my actions and lack thereof. It's everything in my power not to call, text, email, or message you. I want you back and all I can do is hope and wait. I feel so alone and it's cold. I want you to miss me, to want me. I want that peace back, I want us back. It hurts so much, so terribly much. I just want you to be happy and even though I know that's not with me right now I still want to be happy with you.
  2. sammakko

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    That is one beauty sorry :eek:hmy:
    I can forgive you if others not
  3. Synesthetic Soul

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    This is for my ex but thank you for the comment.
  4. morning rush

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    why are you not sending it? I would send it, its truly honest and touching...it shows you really are sorry and want to help...
  5. Synesthetic Soul

    Synesthetic Soul Well-Known Member

    While that's good and true I really don't want to cause him anymore harm. He needs to be left alone by me so I'd rather give him that respect. I can't explain, but it's how he works. I just needed to let it out. :3