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i'm sorry

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i am sorry i cannot be perfect person you expect/want me to be!

p.s. thanks for the 2-3 people who actually bothered to read my goodbye thread and relpy, you know who you are, and i thank you for caring at least a little bit. The only reason why i am back is because a good friend said that getting really involved with the site rather than staying on the fringes may help, so i took their advice. oh and i may elaborate on the above statement, but i doubt anyone will care
Hun, look around - how many perfect people do you see? I don't see any because the perfect person doesn't exist. You have good qualities, MANY good qualities which makes up the person you are and I like that person, and I wouldn't change who you are at all. :hug:


There's no such thing as perfect * Everyone has their own vision of perfect and no one will match up to that * I'm forever striving to match my own idea of perfection but I know I'll never get there * Everyone is sorry they can't be perfect * You aren't alone in that *
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