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im sorry

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im sorry ive been down this week
im sorry ive bought you all down
im sorry i havnt been there for you this week
im sorry im posting this
im sorry i drank the other day
im sorry i dont feel like talking
im sorry the small things trigger me
im sorry i cant stop crying
im sorry im letting you all down

but most of all im sorry im alive


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***gentle hugs***

Hey there fellow, no need to apologize just let us all give you a big hug.

...I wish i knew what to say, to make things better and make you want to stay **tears** I wish i knew what to say to make the pain and hurt go away. I wish I could shield you from the things that trigger you, I would take those arrows for you. I wish I could put happiness in a box and carefully wrap it in pretty paper, and hand it to you. I wish you knew, that you were not letting us down and that we care for you. I wish you knew how much you are loved and cared about.

**gentle hugs**


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diy you are the best person i know and my best friend it hurts me that i keep being down and you always listen and help me your the last person i ever want to bring down because of my self loathing
nothing to be sorry for Hollowvoice

Give yourself some patience and give yourself some understanding, don't be mad with yourself or upset with yourself.

You are a good soul,

Take care.

total eclipse

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im sorry you see things this way we all see you as compassionate care soul who in times of turmoil tends to beat himself up instead of reaching out for help
You deserve kindness to okay never be sorry for posting your sadness away
never be sorry for feeling down we all feel that way at times never be sorry for being YOU okay because you are one of the most caring people that have help me so much in my times of despair hugs to you because that is what you deserve our thanks and our compassion hugs


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such kind words from everyone

thank you from my heart


(((hugs))) to you all

you are my world
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hollowvoice, you are allowed to feel down, drink or what you want, just like the rest of us, you have feelings like everyone else that can change from day to day. if you dont feel well, you dont feel well...come here for support...but dont feel bad for how you feel. hope you pick up soon, take care :hug:
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