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I'm Sorry

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I'll just never be good enough for you. You'll never care enough. You'll never care about me enough. Well, i'm sorry i couldn't live up to your expectations. Fuck, i never wanted to be perfect, i just wanted to be good enough. But i'm not even that. I'm sorry i'm such a screw up. A failure. A loser. I'm sorry i asked you to try, i'm sorry i took up your time. I'm sorry i'll never be good enough. I'm sorry i wanted you to care. I'm sorry for being weak, I'm sorry for ever thinking that i could be anything. I'm sorry for being a pain in the ass and for wishing you cared. I'm sorry.
:i'm sorry::i'm sorry::i'm sorry::i'm sorry::i'm sorry::i'm sorry::i'm sorry:


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Screw that, I'm sorry people like you and I have to go through stuff like this. I hope this isn't what I think it is. I know I'm new and on the verge myself, but please talk to us. It can't hurt, and if you're considering suicide just know that spending a few moments talking to some of us might calm you down and keep you with us at least that much longer.

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YOU are someone hun you are special and never let anyone make you feel else wise okay You don't have to be anything but yourself here okay no one judges anyone here Hugs to you
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