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    I'm starting...well I should say looking into therapy. It should be good for me because I'm very sad and suicidal often. I respond to slight things with the thought of suicide. I am 4 months clean of si partly due to my gf and her support. I have her and she is amazing and supportive I just feel bad being as sad as I am when I have someone who is willing to care for me through it all. I love her. I am afraid I am going to have to take meds or that it turns out that therapy can't help me or something. I would take mess everyday I just wonder about the cost. I would take mess as much as possible so I could be a better man for my gf.
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    Hi there, I have had a few different therapies and a few different therapists, I am lucky I have always had good experiences with them. I do hope you can get in touch with professionals, l hope you get therapist soon and see your doctor, don't get scared, remember they are there to help you and they do care. Will you be getting private or public therapy? I have had both and both helped. Medications can help you a lot, there is no doubt about that but can you afford it? I'm not sure where in the world you are but you might be able to get a free therapist or low cost in universities, charities etc.. google is your friend, I hope you do get help. Help is out there, you just have to reah out and be patient (excuse the pun) and work towards making a life worth living, good luck :)
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    Petal is right. Don't be afraid of this. Therapy and meds are both there to help you. The meds I am taking now are definitely helping. With insurance, they are not that expensive. Sometimes in can take a while to find the right one, so be patient. Most of all, give treatment a chance. And let your girl friend know how much you appreciate her support.