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I'm starting to like this guy...

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but I can't like him! It's against the law I think. :)tongue: )

(Warning: Rambling about nothing important)

I met him at work. I'm 21 and he's 17!

I just wanna let this out. I'm to embarrassed to tell anyone I know.

See, I work with lots of high-school kids, and some people my age. 3 out of the 5 guys my age or older have girlfriends already, but I doubt I'd like them anyways. One of the other guys flirts with me and almost asked me out before I changed the subject. He's cute too but because he's 23 or 24, I'm scared of what he might want in a relationship. Yeah, I'm 21, but my relationship maturity level is that of a Jr. High student.

What I mean is, I'm timid and "frigid" as some might call it. I'm scared of guys who I think might be interested in me for the wrong reasons. Sex mainly.

This guy that I like tho talks to me about everything but sex. There's flirting, but not the sexual kind, if that makes any sense. It's more playful and immature flirting, but when we're in big groups, he'll tell dirty jokes and act like a regular guy. It's like he respects me or something... We've had a few moments where we were talking by ourselves and there was a silence. Not an awkward one, but it was like we were both thinking the same thing... and I was thinking, "will he ask me out?"

I am such a romanticist, if that's even a word. Fairy tales and Disney classics are all my thing.

Yeah, the fact that I like someone younger makes a lot of sense to me. I'm not saying that I would still be a virgin had I the opportunity with a guy I was dating and cared enough for. In other words, if I had had boyfriends like everyone else, chances are I wouldn't be a virgin, but as it is, I'm 21 and have never had a boyfriend. So, now that I've gone this long without getting so drunk I just loose it to a one-night-stand, I might as well wait for a really great guy. A guy I mean to marry. And I have finally found a guy who I'm attracted too AND seems to be cool with the one-girl-for-the-rest-of-your-life thing and he's 4 years younger and under-age!

Do I try and continue a friendship and wait until he's 18 before I make my feelings known?
Do I force my feelings aside, even though I really don't want to?
Do I try to talk him into quitting (cuz he's already thinking about it)?
Or do I do absolutely nothing? Which is what I always do and see where it's gotten me?? Alone, single, and pathetic.

I'm so pathetic. Desperate might be a good word too. Those of you who read my other thread about my "weird dilemma" know well how pathetic and desperate I am.

Ugh... I wanna keep writing about it, but this is too long already.
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