I'm starting to think my Mum is losing her mind :'(

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    It's due to my neurotic, woe-is-me, mood swinging bitch of a mother that I am having an operation so I can't have kids in the future. I don't want it to fuck up my chemical balance like it has hers.

    20 years of prozac have done her no good it's just given her an excuse to sleep all the damned time.

    She gets depressed over ANYTHING which is why I can't tell her about any of my problems because I WILL END UP FUCKING CONSOLING HER WHEN IT'S ME WITH THE PROBLEM!!!

    Self-absorbed freak show...

    She expects me to be happy constantly! She expects me to cheer her up like a wind up doll! She gets involved with all of my friends dramas, tries to make me look like some sort of COPY of her when she was a teenager when I go out...


    She had no life as teenager you see, my grand dad was very strict and when she says she didn't have her first glass of wine until she was 22 I believe her.

    She only really ended up going out when my Grandad died, she met my Dad and married and now she expects to live her life through me.


    She claims to follow God but is the worst parent of all time, seriosuly, she has fucked up my sister beyond belief, my sister has agrophibia due to this woman.

    I have so much rage buliding for this woman but the one thing I have over her is that I have iron control of myself. I never lose my temper near her, I'm cold as can be and she can never have that. She is far too much of a fucking drama queen.

    I want to kill myself at times. This just isn't healthy.
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    Pixie are you really going to have surgery? I think you have a good head on your shoulders and your really caring I think you would make a good mother.And i want to see what little "pixies" would look like.:biggrin:

    Your ur own person and if she doesnt like it then tuff

    I hope things better with your sister.
  3. A_pixie

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    Thanks Earn, I was in a horrible mood when I wrote this and am feeling a bit ashamed but at the same time...I wish she had more stability.

    I hope you're alright.