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I'm starting to think...

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by Shiro Ryuu, Feb 13, 2008.

  1. Shiro Ryuu

    Shiro Ryuu Member

    I am beginning to think that I am a horrible person. I'm very selfish, and the only person I ever think about is myself. I feel that if I died, never existed, or was never born, things would be much better off for the people around me. But if I killed myself, people keep telling me that I'll make them sad, and killing myself would only make things worse. I just feel that maybe changing myself is the best thing I can do. But, I don't really know how I can change who I am.
  2. Take heart! While change is a process, and can indeed truly last a lifetime (if one is wise enough/inclined enough to do so - and many do not even see fit to do so!), it puts you on the journey to further and evolving self-awareness. It is not 'easy', in many instances, but it can indeed be 'fulfilling'. It is unfortunately not something that is commonly taught, let alone in a meaningful way - it is rather an individual endeavour, sparked by the beginnings of feelings of dissatisfaction with ones self - be 'gentle' with yourself as you encounter these feelings, and as you continually work with what you want to change - taking "baby steps" (this is also not commonly taught), but it is/can be an effective motivation, if you perceive it as such... :smile:

    (and btw - Welcome!)
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