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Im still here. PLEASE HELP ME!

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sorry to worry you guys.... I attempted and was in the city someone found me and my heart wasnt beating. Im still here though, stayed in the hospital for a week or maybe more, i dont know.
Im scared though, I almost died and I really have the feeling Ill be gone soon. Im alone, please I need to talk to someone.


why are you scared? are you scared of death? are you scared of what comes after death? Why are you trying to kill yourself? That's probably a stupid question, what i mean is, what happened recently?

Where were you? on the streets? did you OD on a street drug?
are you suffering from chronic loneliness? if so, join a group or something. it depends on what city you live in. but loneliness/boredom does make people suicidal, believe it or not. get in contact with people right away or it might get worse
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