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I'm still here.


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It's me. I'm checking in to tell people I'm still here. I went through a very very bad depression about 6 months ago, and I'm now my medication has kicked in and I'm feeling better.

I mean yes, I'm still struggling a little- I feel lonely and sometimes down, and I feel scared of COVID, since I have health problems that make me high risk- but that in a way is good, because it shows i want to live. I DON'T want to die of COVID. It was when I first started feeling scared of COVID that I realized I was feeling better, because before that I either actively wanted to die, or I honestly didn't care. But now I'm taking precautions because a big part of me wants to live. A small part of me still wants to die. It was the other way around for a long time

I'm writing articles for my day job, and that is going well. I joined a writer's education group that has classes, and I am taking classes and pursuing my writing. I'm 3/4 of the way through the first draft of my nonfiction book, and I'm plotting out a novel to work on in few months. I plan to do more blogging as well. I'm getting serious about improving my writing. My life is better than it was. I'm trying to achieve my goals. I believe in my goals and want to be alive to achieve them.

I want to say to people to stay on this forum and keep posting- it really helped me. Things do get better. For some of us, mental health is a lifelong struggle- but there are good times too. I know realistically, with my bipolar disorder I will probably experience full blown depression again. When I do I hope I can cope. I made it through that awful, four month long major depressive episode, when I had constant thoughts of suicide, such strong thoughts, WITHOUT making an attempt. it was very very hard, but with the help of my therapist, my friends, and this forum I did it.


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I am very glad you are doing better. The meds for bipolar don't take out all the moods but they lessen the curve so your depression won't be as bad I think. I am Bipolar NOS. I was heading for depression myself, was manic last weekend, but yesterday I found out I had 3 weeks of vacation. I am able to take some time off work and I look forward to that. I think that will stave off my depression. I am glad to hear you are doing better and hope that things continue to go well for you.


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i'm so happy that you are feeling so much better and moving forward with your goals. and just want to say you did a great job fighting through that hard time, i'm proud of you...mike...*hug*shake*bravo*stars


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Yes. . . I remember, from before! So happy to hear you’ve made it through & are forever prospering (at least, for now...) : )

your writing is very good, and clear - even on here (which should come as no surprise to, or for a strong writer!)

good luck & best wishes—
Also thanks for the words & message of encouragement (it’s always nice to know that there are those outside of the actively participating members who still watch & pay attention, now & then).., ;)

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