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    My mom is still moving and i'm not going to be able to go to college this semester. I have no idea about colleges down there at all and we aren't even sure where we are living yet. I just feel like running away, I might. I mean how can she pull this kind of shit. On new years she gets a call from my grandfather saying he's going to move her down. A few weeks later we hear he is trying to move us down to the country, a perfect time for my mother to cancel her plan to move so I can go to college. But what does she do, she goes ahead and plans to move anyways. And then she just expects me to be happy with it. It aint fair, she made this decision, blindly with no warning. We agreed she was going to move after I went to college for this semester. And the deadline is up to apply to college here. And now she is saying if she can't move in time, she is going to stay with a friend. Again she made this decision without saying anything to me. I don't know what i'm going to do. My options are up. Seems like I won't be in college for a long time. :(
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    Sometimes I just feel like a ghost. Like somewhere along the line last year. I just died and became a ghost. No one see's me or notices me and I wonder why. Maybe i'm in some sort of hell, or a vivid nightmare. I just wish I could go back and relieve a day in my past. I had my life planned out. What happened? One day changed everything. Now everything is changing. There's nothing to live for, there's no way to change this situation. It's always been this way, my life was always controlled by someone else and there was nothing I could do about it. What do I do? There is nowhere to go from here.
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    Hello ANSDR,

    It seems like you mum is being pretty unfair and NOT letting you have a say at all. Its understandable that you fear losing your education. Who is planning tthis all? Is it just your mum's dad? Could it be he misses him daughter and wants to be able to see her often? I would probaberbly do that. Could you speak to your mum at all?
    You will always be heard here and their will always be someone listening talk to us and let us support you hun :hug:
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    No I can't talk to my mom. And what's worst is if I don't go to college there is really no way to advance my social or dating life. Where am I suppose to meet someone. I'm still not sure what i'm going to do.
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    Is there any way you can talk to your grandfather? If he's willing to move her out there, maybe he'd be willing to help you out with expenses for you to better your chances for future employability, etc. Perhaps there is someone you could rent a room from, cheap, that he could help you with?

    Just a thought. If you have an honest, mature, and open discussion with him, it's possible that it could work in your favor. It's obviously quite important to you; help him to see that....I just would push the 'employment opportunities' angle more than the 'social aspect' angle ;)