I'm such an idiot

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  1. Rhodonite

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    I don't know how to do anything or talk to anybody. I just completely fail every time, end up making a fool of myself. Nobody can ever take me seriously, and nobody ever wants to be around me. I must not be a person, just a joke and a loser. I was so arrogant to ever believe I could be more than what I am.

    I'm afraid of dying, but I'm far more afraid of living like this. Why can't I just stop existing? Why did I ever even start...
  2. Sadeyes

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    Without knowing the specifics of what you are referring to, I can only suggest some general strategies...often times, we overwhelm ourselves by not creating a work plan to resolve some of our issues...if you want people to take you seriously, what is it about how you present yourself that precludes that? How do you make a fool of yourself? And how much of this is the way you feel or the way you are perceived and by whom? Maybe consulting a counselor and processing this with him/her would be helpful at this time