I'm suicidal and need help

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by greyrainbow, Jan 22, 2009.

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    I'm very suicidal. I attempted suicide when I was 18 by overdosing on pill, but my parents found me and that's why I'm still here today. I am currently very suicidal again, more so than before. I have chosen a date and how I'm going to do it. There is a small part of me that wants and needs help. So I want to act on it before it's to late.

    I do not have any medical insurance. Is there any low cost or free places that I can go and get help? I don't want to be in a lot of debt for the rest of my life. (I know someone will say, better to be in debt than dead. I agree but it's not fun and it's one of my current issues.)

    I live in California, the bay area. If someone can refer me to a place or send me some links, I would GREATLY appreciate it!! Please help me.

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    In the Bay area, there are many free or at cost clinics...The U Cal at San Francisco, at San Fran General Hospital is one place; The Mental Health Services Alliance, at www.mha-sf.org is very effective...here are also some community services: Adolescent Mental Health Service · (415) 750-5649 · 450 Stanyan St, San Francisco
    Mental Health Association · (415) 421-2926 · 870 Market St Ste 928, San Francisco
    San Francisco Mental Health · (415) 552-8100 · 1095 Market St Ste 618, San Francisco

    I love the Bay area and almost moved to Pacific Heights several yrs ago...keep asking about services...there are many in your area

    big hugs and best of luck, J
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