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I'm sure

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I am being a bit neurotic about my posts, and I appologize for it. My boyfriend will be probably released from the hospital tomorrow, he said he was going home, getting some stuff together, and then will be coming over. Now I want to believe him, but maybe the trauma of Thursday is still clouding me, but I have this horrible feeling that he might try it again. I would love to go pick him up from there and take him home, then back out to my place, but my children will be getting out of school before I could get there, get him and get back in time. Can I just get some thoughts and prayers this way that he will make it here safetly? Do you think it would be okay to give his stepdad a call and let him know he may be being released, or would that be completely not my business? Like I said, I want to trust him, and have faith that he won't do something, but yeah, I don't know. Ugh....again I appologies over my neurotic postings :(


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No, Unbound you are not being any of the things you called yourself...you are rightfully scared and feel out of control which is a horrible place to be...you and he will be in my thoughts and prayers...maybe, you need to talk to someone about the trauma you experienced...you were placed in an awful situation...please continue to let us know how you are doing...that is what we are here for...big hugs and I wish I could give them to you in RL...J
Thank you so much Sadeyes, I truely appretiate the hugs, even cyber ones are great. I do plan on getting some counceling for myself, I catch myself crying about this a lot, and I need to cope. I can't be his mother always watching him, and controlling his life. I just need to calm myself down (lol fat chance, my anxiety is on the verge on overdrive, I had a hard time sleeping last night) and think positive, hopefully the mental health doctor isn't being a pinhead about this, and I hope, hope, hope they didn't put him on Xanax, last time he started having manias and kept telling himself he was going to die. Blah I wish I could go pick him up ~.~


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I will be praying for both of you :)

Not trusting him will only make him feel worse, he needs to know you are with him, non judgmental and loving him.

God bless you.
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